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Do you have a funny feeling about someone you know? Curious about someone you just met? Want to find out more about someone without them knowing? You've come to the right place. Our custom detection engine finds secrets about someone that they are not willing to share.

Let us be your Sherlock Holmes. Just enter the first and last name of anyone in the US and let our online detective go to work. If you don't have a full name you can also use a phone number Remember, you can discreetly investigate anyone in the USA! There is nothing to download. And we guarantee the privacy of your search.

What type of info can you find out about someone?

* If they've ever been arrested
* Possible Convictions
* Detailed Police Records
* Real Estate Records, Probate Records
* Has he or she been to Jail
* What was the Court Sentence
* Is He or She a Sex Offender
* Arrest Records (incl. Inmate Locator)
* Does She Have Outstanding Warrants
* Criminal Corrections & Violations Records
* Vital Records including Marriage, Divorce, Birth and Deaths
* Unlisted Cellular & Home Phone Numbers
* DUI Driving records
* Background Search Anyone!
* Town, City, and District Court Records
* and much more...

sherlock holmesSherlock Holmes Detective Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Figure Out if Someone is Lying to You

If our detection software doesn't come back with any hits, you still have options. You can do your own detective work. The next best thing to finding cold hard facts is sniffing out a liar. Follow these easy steps:

1. Keep your eyes on their body - Body language tells a lot. Get to know how she acts when in a normal every day situation. The more comfortable, the better. Keep an eye on normal body, hand, and eye movements. These change drastically when someone's not telling the truth.

Quick Tip: When you lie it's hard to keep normal eye contact. Look for quick glances or irregular blinking

2.Notice their beat - A person has a regular beat or timing when they are interacting with other. It's a rhythm that happens naturally. These patterns fall out of sync when someone is stressed. Being dishonest no matter how small a lie causes stress and interferes with patterns

3.What's Wrong With Your Voice? - Ever notice how someone's voice changes when they get excited? The same thing happens when someone is untruthful. Typically when you lie your voice raises in pitch. A higher voice AND less eye contact? Instant lie.

4.Stop Touching Yourself - Liars subconsciously have irregular movements or tics. These are things that we picked up as kids. Most are old habits - very old. And they're hard to break. A big "tell" is the face touch. Liars will usually touch their mouth or nose if they're lying. As a brilliant comedian once said, the bigger the lie, the higher rub.

Quick Tip: Combine #4 with a a previous item on list. And depending on the position of the hand on the face will determine how bad the lie is. Scratching his chin? Minor Lie. Rubbing her nose? Bigger Lie. Running hand through hair? Bingo!

5.Take a Big Break- The last big key to the lie picture. Have you ever asked someone a question and waited an eternity for an answer? Either they can't remember what the answer is and need a minute to think about it - OR they don't want to tell the truth and are making up a story on the fly. Big pauses after a question are the last big sign of a lie. This is because a made up story is harder to construct than what actually happened.

3 Tell-tale signs of a criminal

criminal 1.No Fear- A natural response of a psychopath doesn't act in response to fear as often as ours does. In tests associated with typical criminals, researchers have found them to lack the concern reaction that causes average folks to be afraid if we know something undesirable is coming. The average person is usually conditioned to react when they hear a bang, for example. In standard tests for fear, scientist will play some note before administering a high dose of voltage. As the brain starts to link the same note with the shock, the normal a reaction to the tune can be anxiety. A psychopath however isn't going to show any change upon hearing the tune. This lack of anxiety of upcoming events can make this type of individual extremely unsafe.

2.Head Looks Funny - All the parts of your mind work together to produce a complete, functioning human structure. But for many criminals, some of these kinds of parts aren't exactly the same size as normal functioning folks, causing them to behave differently than the rest of us. Studies have seen that two parts of the frontal lobe are actually significantly smaller in those with antisocial personality disorder. These are people who have the tendency to behave violently and develop into repeat offenders.

One of those brain areas was a almost 20 percent smaller in antisocial people when compared with normal people; the other seemed to be a bit smaller. The frontal lobe reacts to our decision making, emotions, and purposeful conduct, so criminals have less control over these functions. A study with psychopaths also found that the portion the brain important for human emotion, was also a lot smaller than what you would find in an average person.

smoking hurts more than you 3. Blame Your Mom - When a mom smokes cigarettes while expecting, she could be harming her baby's brain in a way that will lead him to a life of crime. Research indicates that the average adult is certainly 1/3 more likely to have ended up arrested sometime if your mother smoked while knocked up. Those with heavy smoking moms were also prone to be repeat offenders.

It seems the nicotine brings about abnormalities within the development of attention as well as impulse control within the brain. The finding held up for men and women with moms who used, making it yet another reason to add to your list of reasons of why smoking is damaging of you.



Have you ever had the phone ring at 3:00 in the morning? The immediate thought most of us have is ... has someone died? It's a very unpleasant time to the day in which to receive phone calls. When you answer it's a couple of drunken sounding kids or someone speaking a foreign language.

You slam the phone down half from anger and half from adrenalin response. There has to be a way to stop this from happening. Well there really isn't because that's the whole idea of having a phone... so you can be reached. But there is a way to find out who called and to stop them from doing that again to you

We did a Google search for background services and came across your site. Our area is responsible for doing checks on job candidates to make sure that they are a good fit for our organizations.

Since we do batch checks almost weekly this site has been more than invaluable in our efforts. Thanks for providing such a superior service.

Donna Damico, American Shipping Centers