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It's an unfortunate aspect of life that there are people out there intent on injuring others. Those are the people usually most intent on hiding who they really are from discovery.

No matter whether the crime is one of theft or of violence, or both, there are people in the world actively practicing those dangerous skills that you need to protect you and yours from.
Public records are one way to sort through persons of interest in your business and personal life. Court records will often reveal information that gets filtered out in more traditional information venues.

The saying "even a monkey can do it" is something someone would say to me if they saw me using the world wide web. It is just that my generation is not keen on picking up new things. Back in my day you would have to stand in line at the city court to get information you needed.

At least "back in my day" people were nicer. I would still rather have an old fashioned face to face instead of using a computer but getting information while resting firmly on my fanny is not so bad.

Harold Rice, Queens - New York